The future is taking shape!

Remember this one: “From this day forward, it’s going to be Ameri..…”

Other than this ‘Administration’, the ‘leaders’ of Syria and Nicaragua, it will be OUR PROJECT which will challenge climate changes and offer an internet platform for anybody sharing these values with the intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We want to show practical ways for individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project will promote simple ideas through which GHG emission can be reduced in our day to day lives.  On our internet platform we will raise awareness of how each individual can directly contribute to make a change and as a part of our global community help significantly reduce global warming.

The plan is to associate and cooperate with professionals, organizations and companies with an interest in creating and sponsoring this Global Internet Platform actively promoting ways to reduce global warming. This is for you if you share such values and have an interest to contribute to it in any way that you can, and to start and run this project together with our team. Anybody is invited and can be a part of it, if you have an interest to attend to the “Greenhouse Effect” and the reduction of global warming.

After several months of thinking and exchanging ideas, we are now a small group of highly motivated people located around the world, but all with the same interests and focus. We exchange ideas and are already shaping this project.

Under the umbrella of the main web site, ReducingCarbon.Org we will run individual blogs with these topics:

Our 4 GREEN (reviews) blogs (920x177)

Green Companies Services and Products that enable a reduction of carbon emission.
Green Mobility and Transport enabling a reduction of carbon emission.
Green Profits – profiting from a reduction of carbon emission.
Simple Action for Green Solutions that can be implemented by anybody to contribute to a reduction of carbon emission.